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Little Bumble

Food wastage costs the Australian economy 20 billion dollar annually, over $1000 of food waste per household! AND the cling wrap used per student from K-12 is enough to circle the earth 6.25 times! Little Bumble are taking on both plastic and food wastage to create the new norm of food storage that won't cost the earth.

Our passion is to educate and empower households to rely on a sustainable way to keep food fresher for longer using Little Bumble wraps. Simply wrap, rinse and reuse! Cut avos can stay fresh for up to 2 weeks, cucumbers 3 weeks, celery 3 weeks.....all thanks to our all natural blend of ingredients. Formulated based on a unique skill set with qualifications and technical expertise in science food and agriculture industries, making Little Bumble unique wordwide! Mentioned by choice as food wrap stars, we are proudly helping thousands of households by creating quality food storage that won't cost the earth.

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