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The AgTech Seeds program is ideally suited to people at the start of their innovation journey.

The program provides fledgling founders with a supportive environment in which to partner with researchers to test their ideas, upskill quickly, fail fast, develop an MVP and launch a sustainable enterprise.

Rocket Seeder's AgTech Seeds program is suitable for the following groups of people:

  • Aspiring Victorian AgTech entrepreneurs

  • Innovative researchers and research teams at Victorian universities and research organisations

  • Farmers and producers with a great idea, looking to scale this in Australia and beyond!



This program will help you build a network with others who share your passion and ambition - to build a team and launch a company to solve pressing issues in the agriculture sector

Are you interested in AgTech Seeds but live outside of Victoria?

Send us an email to express your interest

AgTech Seeds Cohort 4

AgTech Seeds Program 4

Key dates for AgTech Seeds Program 4

Applications open: July 17

Program Commences: February '24

If you have any questions, please email:

Webinar series

AgTech Seeds Webinar Series

Are you curious to find out what it takes to build and launch innovative products in the agriculture and food sector? Every startup founder has their own origin story and battle scars to accompany their growth.

Join us online for the AgTech Seeds webinar series and hear from leading start-up founders and their researchers!

Solving tomorrow's problems



Webinar with

Prof. Ruth Nettle


In this webinar, Professor Nettle will introduce you to a way of thinking about the diversity of your farmer customers and applying segmentation to plan a marketing or service strategy to engage with farmers ‘where they are at’.

Webinar with

James Diamond


In this webinar, you will hear how James Diamond from Air Agri, one of our most recent alumni, talk about his founder journey and how a pre-accelerator like AgTech Seeds helped him on his journey.

Webinar with

Prof. David Hughes


In this webinar, you will hear Professor Hughes, shed light on current consumer trends driving the global food sector in developed countries, and how this can inform agtech innovation.

Fireside chat with 

Emma Weston

In this fireside chat, you hear from Emma Weston, co-founder of AgriDigital, share her firsthand experience on what has enabled AgriDigital's success to date, as well as reflections on how this success could have been enhanced and accelerated by access to research in Australia's universities.

Fireside chat with 

Jordy Kay &
Eddie Attenborough

In this fireside chat, you will hear how Jordy Kay, co-founder of Great Wrap, came to work with Eddie Attenborough, a chemical engineer from Monash University, to develop the proprietary technology that forms the basis of Australia's only compostable cling wrap using food waste diverted from landfill.

Fireside chat with 

Phoebe Gardner
& Alex Arnold

In this fireside chat, you will hear from the co-founder's of Bardee, Phoebe Gardner (and architect) and Alex Arnold (a geneticist and cherry farmer), about how the came together to create and rapidly scale a circular food system with insects!

Fireside chat with 

David Lyall

In this fireside chat, you get the opportunity to hear David Lyall, co-founder of Bee Innovative, share his firsthand experience on what has enabled him success to date, as well as reflections on what he would do differently next time to accelerate the launch and growth of the company.  

AgTech Seeds Case Studies

Case Study

Cohort 1 - EHydroponics


Among the first AgTech Seeds cohort were trio Adam Wang, Ke Ma and Jeff Peng who are developing vertical hydroponic technology with intelligent growth algorithms and IoT sensors to set new standards for fully controlled agriculture.

Case Study

Cohort 1 - AirAgri


Third-generation cattle and sheep producers James and Paul Diamond were part of Rocket Seeder’s first AgTech Seeds program which ran from July to October 2022.

Program Dates

What is this program focused on?


This pre-acclerator is committed to supporting 160 Victorian AgTech entrepreneurs in 2022-24.


Supporting solutions that encourage the use of tech in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture in various forms

Innovative Ideas

We want to work with Australian founders who are solving problems

The AgTech Seeds Pre-accelerator Program supports the creation of early-stage AgTech startups in Victoria by bringing together “hybrid” teams of aspiring AgTech entrepreneurs and researchers creating AgTech-applicable IP/know-how at Victorian universities/PFROs.


It will facilitate entrepreneur-researcher matches to increase startup investability and value, and help teams validate the market for their idea and technology and engage with potential Victorian early-adopter customers.

What is AgTech? (in the context of this program)

AgTech uses digital technology to provide the agricultural industry with the tools, data and knowledge to make more informed and timely on-farm decisions and improve productivity and sustainability.


Areas of application may include plant or animal science, crop protection & Input management, precision agriculture, indoor agriculture, sensors & smart farm equipment, imagery, animal technologies, processing & packaging, supply chain and hardware.

Agrifood Tech Category Definitions

Source: AgFunder

AgTech Seeds Program Introduction

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Keep Updated

Do you have a question?

Book a 30-minute session with our AgTech Seeds Program Manager, Nicki Marks by hitting the button above.

  • Can you apply to the Rocket Seeder with just an idea or very early-stage offering?
    Ideally, applicants will have launched and/or have an MVP or early-stage customers. But we accept businesses at all stages, so if you have a groundbreaking idea, have defined the problem you are trying to solve and have identified a solution, we'd love to hear from you!
  • What happens at the end of the Accelerator Program?
    Rocket Seeder is a lifelong strong community of 50+ alumni startups and an extensive global network in the food and agricultural industry. We aim to continue to support, provide information, invite to events and provide other forms of business assistance.
  • I don't have a team. Can I still apply?
    Yes, we accept applications from solo founders! As long as you are fully committed in your business and are ready to grow, we want to hear from you.
  • Does Rocket Seeder take any equity in my startup?
    No, but we do expect all our participants to 1—commit fully to the Program and 2—to give back to the community. It takes a village to build a business, so we believe in paying-it-forward and sharing your own experiences with the next generation of founders.
  • How much does this accelerator program cost?
    It's completely FREE! But we do expect all our participants to 1—commit fully to the Program and 2—to give back to the community. It takes a village to build a business, so we believe in paying-it-forward & sharing your own experiences with the next generation of founders.
  • Do all the founders of the business have to attend the entire program?
    At least one founder of the business MUST attend and participate in our intensive 3-6 month program as well as core program events. However, we encourage all founders in the business to take part and join in, as long as it benefits you and your business!
  • I have other commitments I also need to attend to, do I have to be working on this full time?
    Apart from attending the mandatory program dates, we expect founders to spend at least an additional 8 hours per week on your business, throughout the duration the program. Hence, working full-time in another job while you complete the program is not an option.
  • Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the application form?
    Please contact AgTech Seeds program manager, Nicki Marks via email (
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