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The AgTech Seeds program is ideally suited to people at the start of their innovation journey.

The program provides fledgling founders with a supportive environment in which to partner with researchers to test their ideas, upskill quickly, fail fast, develop an MVP and launch a sustainable enterprise.

Rocket Seeder's AgTech Seeds program is suitable for the following groups of people:

  • Aspiring Victorian AgTech entrepreneurs

  • Innovative researchers and research teams at Victorian universities and research organisations

  • Farmers and producers with a great idea, looking to scale this in Australia and beyond!



This program will help you build a network with others who share your passion and ambition - to build a team and launch a company to solve pressing issues in the agriculture sector

Are you interested in funding or participating in our AgTech Seeds program,

send us an email to express your interest

AgTech Seeds VIC cohort 4

AgTech Seeds VIC cohort 3

AgTech Seeds VIC cohort 2

AgTech Seeds VIC cohort 1