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Look after your mum (or yourself as the case may be) and stock up on these healthy food & beverage products delivered to your door by Rocket Seeder alumni.

After weeks in isolation, your mum is surely ready to get her taste buds excited and try something new, experiment in the kitchen!


Organic raw choc treats

Free delivery with Mother's Day gift pack & Aid Bundle (Code: FREE)


The Bakery Lab

Handmade savoury crackers with Teff and Australian native ingredients

20% off (Code: ROCKETSEEDER)


Alg Seaweed

Seaweed seasoning (snacks coming soon!)

Free delivery over $30


For the Love of lamb

100% grass fed local lamb (no chemicals), Lamb bacon & Lamb ham

Available at farmers markets and delivery to selected Melbourne suburbs



Flavoured soy yoghurt & sweetened condensed milk

20% off (Code: ROCK20)

Gippsland Jersey

Jersey milk, butter milk, butter & cream

Available from selected retail outlets (including online) around Victoria



Healthy beverages made from ancient recipes

Extra 5% off (Code: ROCKETSEEDER)


Springmount Fine Foods

Award winning range of artisan food products

Extra 15% off (Code: ROCKETSEEDER)


The Good Seed Kefir

Sparkling Probiotic Water Kefir & Nice pops

Dairy Free Ferments Designed To Support Gut Balance and Wellness

Extra $5.00 off Gut Flora Care Pack (Code: RS5OFF)


Micro greens grow kits

Mindful Nutrients

Micronutrient blend for kids



Organic mushroom liquid extract & powders and grow kits


Curry Favour

Fresh curry paste


Leap Protein

Healthy protein bars made with cricket flour

Extra 25% off (Code: EXTRA25)


Yummy & healthy spreads made from 100% natural wholefood ingredients

10% off (Code: ROCK10)

Dosha Food Co.

Flavoured Ghee

Bell and Bone

Healthy and nutritious snacks for your best friend

20% off (Code: BBSUPERDOG)

Free delivery over $35

Don't forget to do your bit to #savehospo by purchasing food & drinks from our local cafes, and shop at farmers markets (most are still open)

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