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Murmungee Basin Produce

Beechworth Crop


Bernie Kennedy


Murmungee Basin Produce grow great tasting veggies using organic and regenerative practices.

Bernie and his partner, Flick, are excited about providing fresh, seasonal, nutrient-dense and chemical-free produce to the local community.

They grow veggies using organic and regenerative practices and also source some produce like, eggs, fruit and nuts from other like-minded local producers. They are currently providing a weekly fruit and veg box to people in the Beechworth, Myrtleford and Bright areas with pick up locations in each town.

Flick and Bernie moved to the North East in 2014 after quitting our office jobs in Melbourne.

"The answer for me took a while to surface, but slowly but surely it become obvious - Start a Market Garden. I love being outside doing physical work, digging in the dirt and building things, growing plants and trees and as much as I don’t want to admit, I love a simple, sleek and efficient system.

There's not exactly an overwhelming abundance of fresh local organic veggies in the North East and I can't see why there shouldn’t be. It's definitely heading that way anyway and we're stoked to be contributing".

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