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Mamma's Cacao

Spring Crop


Dilek Salehi


Mother of two, Dilek Salehi, is familiar with the potential struggles of breastfeeding. In particular, her own personal experience shed the light on how difficult it is for a mother to produce milk on her own. 


Even though Dilek was on a well balanced organic diet, she wasn’t able to supply enough milk to breastfeed her first born. She tried a few of the most expensive “gimmicky” solutions provided, however nothing seemed to work. 


With her second born, Dilek decided to create her own recipe which was successful in increasing her milk supply. She says, “the feeling of being in abundance of supply to be able to feed my baby is unexplainable.” 


She has formulated an organic, refined sugar, dairy and soy free chocolate, handmade in Melbourne. This chocolate is specifically designed to both lower sugar cravings during breastfeeding sessions and to support mammas to increase their milk supply.


Dilek is passionate about helping other mammas out there that are low in milk supply.

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