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Bendigo Big Data

Melbourne Crop


Simon Mildren, Prashant Shukla, Slade Beard & Eshita Shukla


The job of farming and being a farmer is mostly the job of problem solving.

Talk to a farmer about working on any problems they’ve had with crops, yield, irrigation, anything at all, and chances are, they’ve heard a solution before…often many solutions.

But give a farmer a new way of measuring exactly what’s going on on their land in a way they may not have had access to before. Well, it could be an inspiring and practical way to help them solve any ongoing issues.

Enter Bendigo Big Data, a diverse team of apiarists, system architects, market researchers and data analysts based out of Bendigo, Victoria, who are creating systems using big data analytics and the Internet of Things in Agriculture (IoTAg) to help small and medium sized farmers and producers collect data pertaining to their crops or flocks and make informed decisions on how to get the best from their land.

Considered the oil of the digital era, data is valuable and unique to each and every business. Bendigo Big Data want to empower farmers and producers - by working and connecting with them - to harness their data and use it to tap into ideas and solutions particular to them.

Quite simply, Bendigo Big Data is the future of problem solving in agriculture.

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