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Bell and Bone

Spring Crop


Arianne Sackville


Bell and Bone exists to change the lives of dog owners who care. Dog owners are constantly searching for new ways to better the lives of their pets including natural and healthy ingredients and variety in their dog’s diet to promote their dog’s health. 


Bell and Bone Superfood Meal Toppers have been developed by a food technologist, a nutritionist and a dog lover to satisfy these specific needs. Each ingredient is selected for the particular health benefits they provide. The range of three Superfood Toppers make feeding your dog a convenient and enjoyable process, improving the dog’s health and the owner’s mind set about doing the best job that they can. 


Arianne, the founder of Bell and Bone, is a Sales and Marketing professional with a diverse career in FMCG and startups. Her experience includes National Account Management, Business Development and Category Management. Her greatest career achievement includes leading a dog food startup’s sales growth of 84% to $3.2 M during her 2-year term. Besides this, she is a dog owner (and lover) who is determined to change the pet food industry within Australia and the world.

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