Rocket Seeder accelerates the pace of food and agriculture innovation. We help entrepreneurs right across the food and fibre value chain. We build communities around you and provide the growing conditions so you can start-up fast and grow rapidly.

What we do

We work with entrepreneurs seeking to bring new products and services to market right across the value chain from production to consumption, including food and beverages, software and hardware, chemistry, materials, equipment, packaging, new business processes and new business models.
You can be really early stage with a “cracker” of an idea, all the way to a minimum viable product or service with paying customers.
If you’re a self motivated food and agriculture innovator, then we want to work with you.

Our program

High-performance coaching, designed to help you achieve in 14 weeks what other start-ups take years to achieve.
  • We select individuals and teams with interesting and promising ideas at different stages of development.
  • You’ll work on your start-up in Melbourne – the foodie capital of Australia – for 14 weeks.
  • There you’ll attend workshops, develop your business model, create your minimum viable product, identify and develop customers, and prepare to launch and/or scale your business.
  • Each week we’ll run a range of activities tailored to your needs, and you’ll be introduced to experts who can help you accelerate your start-up.
  • Through our growing list of partners, you’ll have access to a range of facilities and expertise that you would normally find difficult and/or expensive to access.
  • In the final weeks of the program you will work to refine your pitch in preparation for meeting our investor network.
We run a range of structured activities covering key business building blocks that you’ll need to nail in order to scale.
  • Lean Startup and Pitch development
  • Value propositions
  • Customer validation and development
  • Business models
  • Channels and margins
  • Customer relationships
  • Revenue streams and pricing
  • Startup legal issues and intellectual property
  • Activities, resources, and costs
  • Partners
  • Negotiations
  • Raising capital
Every start-up is different and every founder brings their own experiences. We work with you to tailor the program to your unique stage and requirements, and bring in industry mentors to help you with the specific aspects of your business.


The 3 Cs – creativity, collaboration, and collision of ideas – is what it’s all about.
The 4th C – commitment – makes it happen.
The program is run in Melbourne at Monash University, Clayton campus. If selected, you and your team will be expected to work on your start-up full-time for the duration of the program, and join us at least one day a week at Monash University, Clayton campus.
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Important dates

Take a look at the Spring Crop 18 Program

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