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Welcome to Rocket Seeder

At Rocket Seeder, we nurture innovators and founders to create sustainable solutions to the most pressing challenges in global food and agriculture.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Rocket Seeder supports startups to develop solutions to the world's biggest problems in the food and agriculture sector, including (but not limited to):
- Innovation in on-farm efficiencies

- Supply chain automation

- Future food innovation

- Reducing food loss and waste along the agrifood value chain

The solutions we support are aligned to United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — so we can build an ecosystem that will have a positive impact in Australia and beyond.

We have created an unparalleled ecosystem of support programs, resources and services to give early-stage startups the best possible chance to develop a sustainable enterprise for global impact.

We put founders at the heart of our network and support them to be bold and brave, generate ideas, prove concepts and develop prototypes and products.

Our Ecosystem


Rocket Seeder Ecosystem Components

Rocket Seeder Programs. Food Waste and Loss, AgTech Seeds, Rocket Seeder Accelerator. 

Rocket Seeder Learn. Education resources, podcasts, events and services to support the development of sustainable innovation for global impact. 

Rocket Seeder Community. Rocket Seeder provides access to an unparalleled community of successful program alumni, industry leaders, mentors, researchers, and funding opportunities, all available to provide real-life experience and support. 

Rocket Seeder AgriFood Innovation Hub. Rocket Seeder's AgriFood Innovation Hub is at Melbourne Connect, the University of Melbourne's purpose-built innovation precinct. Work is currently underway to establish hubs in other states as part of a national rollout. 

Rocket Seeder Advisory. Rocket Seeder's Pop-Up Advisory Board will provide guidance to early-stage startups to establish good governance processes. 


Rocket Seeder Venture Partners. As a non-profit, Rocket Seeder's own Venture Capital Fund provides founders with the confidence to secure next-stage funding that rewards their hard work and innovation. Just as it should. 




We’ve attracted some of the best people and practitioners in the country to support founders through the early stages of development, from generating an idea through to running a scalable and investable global business.


Our team of facilitators, coaches and mentors bring decades of experience to the table in the food, agriculture, agibusiness and agtech sectors. Skills include Go-To-Market strategy, business and strategy planning, governance, finance, marketing, consumer behaviour, retail, food service and communications.

E SDG Poster 2019_without UN emblem_WEB.

Rocket Seeder is committed to supporting early-stage startups aligned to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.


Alg Seaweed

Rocket Seeder has been a significant part of Alg Seaweed's journey. Through the program, we built strong friendships with the other teams and broadened our network within the industry.


—  Sarah Leung, Founder

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