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Rocket Seeder accelerates the pace of AgTech and FoodTech innovation. We find and train entrepreneurs solving real-world problems right across the food and fibre value chain. We build communities around motivated innovators and provide the optimal growing conditions so you can start-up fast and grow rapidly.

The Rocket Seeder program is structured around proven innovation methods

We select individuals and teams with interesting and promising ideas for solutions to real-world problems, and over 14-weeks we guide you through a rigorous, comprehensive, repeatable process for building your start-up, using a range of face-to-face workshops, and our online team-based learning and innovation management platforms used by Harvard, MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley.
It’s high-performance coaching, giving you the structure and support to get through the start-up obstacle course.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a “big idea” of your own to work on. You can help someone else with theirs through our partner-sponsored challenges and researcher collaborations.
Along the way you’ll learn a range of methods and tools to help you unpack the problem you are focusing on, really understand your customer, and generate ideas for solutions with real impact. You’ll develop your minimum viable product, identify and develop customers, test and validate your assumptions, develop your business model, and have the opportunity to meet with potential investors.
We know that AgTech and FoodTech innovation doesn’t just mean getting out of the building; it means getting out of the city. You may live there. Your customers definitely live there. That’s why we’re running a range of program activities in select Victorian regional centres as well as Melbourne. We are a regionally focused program.

Applications opening soon

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