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Wallaby Water

Melbourne Crop


Dominic Goldsworthy


It was while living and working in New York City that Wallaby Water founder, Dominic Goldsworthy became aware of the waste he was creating. It was within the fast pace of his life he found himself buying and consuming more than he had previously imagined necessary, often his three meals a day, purchased on-the-go.

This was his wake up call that there had to be other ways to package food and drink.

On returning to his home in Australia, he noted work being done on alternatives for plastic bags and straws, but not plastic bottles. With this, he started to develop what is now Wallaby Water.

Spring water sold in aluminium cans sounds like a simple idea but when you consider that 75% of aluminium produced is still in use today, and takes just 5% of the initial energy consumption to recycle you can’t help but wonder why didn’t someone think of this sooner!

This recyclable packaged water alternative - filled with 100% Australian spring water collected at the source - is becoming increasingly popular as we tackle plastic waste and ultimately, climate change. Wallaby Water is leading the charge… and the change.

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