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Spring Crop


Josephine Kaldor

Untapped makes health cookies out of the major waste product of beer brewing - spent grains. Food waste is one of the biggest issues we face today. Spent grains are both high in protein and dietary fibre, but they are being under-utilised. If we can utilise waste products we can have a huge global impact. 


Each year in Australia, more than 86,400 tonnes of these grains are used to produce beer, yet the spent grains are being sent to landfill or, at best, used as cattle feed. Craft breweries struggle to get farmers to pick up the spent grain, and end up paying to dispose of it in landfills.

Untapped believes in harnessing the value and potential of spent grains to ensure they are not wasted but repurposed into something delicious! Spent grains bring a delicious and unique nutty flavour to our Anzac style health cookies. 


Untapped helps fight food waste to lead the way towards a zero-waste industry.

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