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The Wellness Garden

Melbourne Crop


Jenny La Brooy & Kenneth Stirling


Grow Well. Eat Well. Feel Well.

A call to action that embodies the ethos that drives The Wellness Garden, a new edible garden business founded by horticulturist Kenneth Stirling and marketing professional Jenny La Brooy.

The Wellness Garden consults on and helps develop and design bespoke edible gardens for their clients. They provide a hands on approach so that their clients are able to successfully learn how to grow the herbs and vegetables they are interested in, in organic nutrient rich soil, for the long term health benefits and culinary flavours.

Their desire to share the connection and nourishment an edible garden can nurture is just part of the goal for Jenny and Kenneth. Their passion is to get communities to embrace the best of home-grown produce in their own backyard, courtyard or balcony.

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