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The Smoked Egg Company

Spring Crop


Julie Kos


Egg producers Julie & Paul Kos had no idea that a spur of a moment decision to purchase a smoker would lead to a multimillion-dollar innovative technology.


“When we got home, Paul started smoking everything,” says Julie. “Being egg producers, I thought it was a smart idea to smoke an egg.”


Experimentation took two years, but Julie finally cracked the code! She had produced a smokey egg with an incredible flavour. But what was even more fascinating, was that this cold-smoking technique had extended the raw egg’s shelf life, whilst maintaining it’s freshness too.


This patented cold-smoking technique can be used on many food products, including eggs, meat and vegetables, preserving them and also imparting a smoky flavour, if desired.


Fast-forward to 2019, The Smoked Egg Company has licensed their innovative cold-smoking technique in Europe and USA and is currently looking for a partner in Asia.

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