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The Good Seed Kefir

Autumn Crop


Ivy Ong & Adrian Soon


The Good Seed Kefir produces a sparkling water kefir probiotic beverage, which is naturally fermented using organic ingredients and hand bottled by their small production team. Co-founders, Ivy Ong and Adrian Soon, started the company out of their own need for the beverage. "It was mainly for our own benefit, because we realised we needed something to improve our gut health", explains Ivy.


After making the fermented drink themselves and consuming it on a daily basis, the couple noticed positive changes. Adrian's gut health problems became manageable and Ivy saw a huge change in her psoriasis, a skin condition she was diagnosed with at the age of three.


Ivy and Adrian started testing the product at farmers markets across Victoria. Other vendors and friends, saw immediate health benefits after consuming the product, and sales started to take off. The Good Seed grew from there and is now stocked in retail outlets across Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Western Australia.

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