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The Bakery Lab

Spring Crop


Martine Ah Heng

One year ago, Martine Ah Heng was at home entertaining and discovered how hard it was to find good quality, wholesome crackers that were not only good for you but tasted great too.


As a trained pastry chef, Martine had a passion on finding the best quality ingredients to give the best flavours, which led her on a new mission - to make a healthy, dairy free cracker with gluten free ingredients, using the amazing flavours of Australian native ingredients. This is where her journey with The Bakery Lab began.


The Bakery Lab crackers use Australian grown ingredients sourced from local farmers and suppliers. Teff, a key ingredient in her crackers, has many positive benefits, from improving gut health, lower blood sugar levels, aid in digestion and helps to keep you full for longer. 


To celebrate her new home, Martine incorporates native Australian ingredients into her crackers, including wattle seed, native basil, native thyme and saltbush.

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