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Springmount Fine Foods

Spring Crop


Carmel Masterson & Brett Masterson


Generally reserved for patrons of high-end restaurants, Carmel and Brett Masterson of Springmount Fine Foods, have created a flavour explosion with their garnish 'pearls', which come in a variety of sweet and savoury flavours.


The duo, who have built a boutique food label from their home and farm at Springmount, Victoria, say the discovery of the 'pearl' was almost accidental. "I was researching oil and vinaigrette emulsification," Carmel says. "I came across a 'molecular gastronomy' website in the US that had a similar version of pearls. So, we decided to give them a go".


The entrepreneurs are no strangers to product development having created their award winning 'black garlic', and associated range of products. Their passion for food arose in large part, because of a belief that food should be beautiful and creative, not just fuel for the body. "The strawberry 'Champagne' pearls have done so well at local farmers markets and festivals;' Carmel says. "It's a gorgeous explosion of flavour that can't be beaten".

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