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Snowy River Black Garlic

Gippsland Cohort


Mark Johnstone


Snowy River Black Garlic is grown and produced at our property ‘Narrambla', located along the fertile and legendary Snowy River in Far East Gippsland. Here, the cool climate, pure air and water and fertile soil create the perfect growing conditions for authentic black garlic.

Today, our black garlic has won multiple awards, including a gold medal at the 2019 Australian Food Awards. It reflects 5 years of dedication, innovation and a drive to grow one of the world’s most celebrated ingredients.

Our story goes back to discovering the incredible taste and health benefits of black garlic whilst travelling overseas. Back at our farm, we decided to turn the garlic we were growing into black garlic for our own use and to share among friends.

From here, demand for our black garlic quickly increased by word of mouth and our production has increased year on year. We've continued to innovate and refine our production methods to today we now produce some of Australia's most acclaimed, gourmet black garlic.

At Narrambla, we continue to use sustainable and organic farming practices which enable us to grow an outstanding garlic.

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