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Simply Swap Foods

Melbourne Crop


Linda Martinucci


To take the idea of simply swapping one ingredient for another; to choose a healthy alternative to a sugar- or carb-rich ingredient, is how Linda Martinucci started Simply Swap Foods.

The food writer and cookbook author had her own ‘simply swap moment’ just three years ago when, looking for a lifestyle and health change swapped sugary, carb-based foods with healthy alternatives. She lost weight and gained mental clarity.

Her success encouraged her husband to do the same - he also lost weight and felt great - yet, as they both like the occasional piece of cake and sweet treat, Linda set about devising recipes that satisfied sweetness while being low in sugar and carbohydrates.

She has just released her first range of porridge and cake mix. Low in sugar and carbs but full of flavour and nutritional benefits. All she has done - with time and research - is ‘simply swapped’ some ingredients and it’s her hope to show others just how easy it can be.

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