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Spring Crop


Alice Zaslavsky & Nick Fallu


It's the perennial problem of parents across the world: how do we make kids eat their fruit and veg? Alice Zaslavsky and her partner Nick Fallu believe that it lies in broad-scale education to change the way we talk about food.


During her years of teaching, Alice found that children's diets were severely lacking in fresh food, due in large part to the way food is taught and spoken about. She noticed that her students became particularly engaged when food was used as a teaching aid.


While enrolling in a short 'Chef-at-Home' course at William Angliss, Alice auditioned for MasterChef. Her run on MasterChef was a huge success, and with her newly developed media profile, Alice would get her opportunity to "make vegetables cool for kids" with the support of Hort Innovation.


Alice and Nick spent the next 18 months putting together a team and developing 'Phenomenom', a digital tool kit that helps teachers and parents make real food appealing to kids.

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