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Organic Biopower

Melbourne Crop


Doug Hartmann


It was his love of community and the environment that propelled Doug Hartman to develop Organic Biopower. Originally from Denver Colorado in the US, Doug is a self-confessed ‘amateur engineer’. He trained as a mechanic, worked as a printer and is passionate about what ‘makes machines work.’ With Organic Biopower, he’s making a logical and environmentally sustainable concept a reality.

In an ethically grown nutshell, Doug and his team take organic waste and turn the waste into energy and fertiliser. The long-term benefits of these outcomes for agriculture and the environment are only overwhelmingly positive.

By working with agricultural communities, Organic Biopower makes small scale biogas units for farmers to generate their own power and biofertilizer to reduce green house gas emissions and operational costs, while providing additional revenue streams. This means enormous potential financially, ethically and environmentally for farmers - and other sectors - across the country and the globe. Each farm and/or community can harness the energy expended on their properties to actually run their properties. A simple idea that needs complex thought and structure to support it.

If you want a world that uses less fossil fuels and empowers agriculture to thrive; a world where there is plentiful food and communities supporting each other, then Organic Biopower is an essential framework upon which the industry and most importantly, the people in it can build and grow.

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