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Spring Crop


Minerva Jimenez


While searching at the supermarket for healthy snacks for her daughter, founder Minerva Jimenez found that most snacks were high in sugars and/or salt, made with artificial ingredients, and contain preservatives. 


Some of the options that she would consider healthy, like hummus, didn’t pass her daughter’s taste test. So, she set about creating a product similar to hummus, but sweet, with the goodness of wholesome ingredients - a product that she enjoyed and that her daughter would too. 


After a lot of experimenting, MINJUMS was born. The products created are a range of three delicious, plant based, artificial sugar free spreads - raspberry, cocoa and chai. Minerva's daughter loves them!


MINJUMS is a Melbourne-based family business. Minerva is a qualified BSc (Food Scientist) and has over fifteen years experience in food product development and ingredient technology, which she’s now leveraging to develop healthy products that you can use for your breakfast, dessert or snack.

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