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Mindful Nutrients

Autumn Crop


Susie Mclachlan


Susie Mclachlan, the Founder of Mindful Nutrients, is discovering a way to address learning and mood disorders through diet. "Some of the most beautiful, kind, creative and intelligent people I know are also people who have battled with conditions such as ADHD, anxiety and autism spectrum disorders." says Susie, and she has seen how the impact of profound changes to people's diets has had a positive effect on these disorders.


Susie has discovered research showing that people with disorders of this kind are likely to benefit significantly from a specific range of micronutrients, and wants to put these micronutrients into an appealing and easily consumed product, made from all natural Australian ingredients.


Susie has developed her first prototype, will be starting small scale manufacturing soon, and aims to get the product to market shortly thereafter. Susie aims to gather as much knowledge from the research available in order to raise awareness, and work towards developing new products to alleviate the effects of learning and mood disorders.

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