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Life Cykel

Autumn Crop


Ryan Creed


Life Cykel was created with the intention of connecting people back to growing their own food with simplicity, whilst reducing the environmental impact of food production. Ryan Creed and co-founder Julian Mitchell are repurposing coffee ground waste to grow gourmet mushrooms, and produce mushroom extracts for use in a range of beverages, as a way of providing significant health benefits for both humans and the environment.


The oyster mushrooms, which are grown in Life Cykel mushroom boxes, contain protein, iron, calcium, magnesium and a number of vitamins, as well as proving an extremely adequate meat substitute, appropriate for vegetarians and vegans.


In addition to growing mushrooms, the Life Cykel team are creating the National Mushroom Network - an initiative which aims to provide a solution to coffee waste by creating mushroom farms in every Australian city. Life Cykel is "creating solutions for the planet using the circular economy as our compass".

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