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Leap Cricket Protein

Spring Crop


Jessica Wasteney

Protein is an important macro-nutrient necessary for the health of the human body. Traditionally, sources of protein in the diet have been plant and animal based such as grains, nuts and meats. Concern over the sustainability of these farming practices has always been an ethical issue for founder Jessica Wasteney, and has encouraged her journey to find a more sustainable solution.

It was a road trip in the Canadian Rockies where Jessica heard about the fundamental nutrients offered by introducing crickets into a diet. Crickets are 69% protein and contain vitamin B12, iron, calcium and essential amino acids which are important for the function of the human body. Along with this, crickets are one of the most sustainable forms of protein, releasing 99 times less carbon dioxide and using 2,500 times less water than beef, and their ability to be farmed vertically means they can be farmed in urban areas.

Armed with this knowledge, Jessica set out to develop a nutritious snack based completely on natural and organic ingredients. She used cricket powder blended with fruits and nuts to create the product that looked and tasted better than a regular protein bar.

Jessica has challenged the status quo and combined her value of clean eating and environmental responsibility to produce a planet-friendly energy bar, using compostable packaging to ensure that they leave zero waste.

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