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La Foundary

AgTech Seeds Cohort 3


Melody Tek, Shahi Thakuri Shikhar Jung, Van Dinh Quynh Anh

La Foundary are pioneering the cultivation of sustainable biomaterials for a greener future, by collecting and utilising industrial and agricultural waste from businesses as substrates for inoculating our fungal strain. The current primary focus is on developing mycelium-based materials.  Within a few weeks, the mycelium network grows and solidifies, resulting in a strong, insulating and protective mycelium composite material.

Harnessing the power of bio-engineering, they are exploring ways to programme our product end-life cycle to accelerate the degradation of itself and other waste surrounding it, thereby initiating mycoremediation when the product is discarded into waste. Other than easing the sustainable waste disposal responsibility of our product end-users, this unique characteristic would remediate the landfill and promote the growth of the ecosystem.

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