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Hello Table

Spring Crop


Jodie Blight


'Hello TABLE' and 'recipeezi' are a platform and app respectively, developed by Jodie Blight, that helps consumers create shopping lists by scanning recipes in the pages of their favourite food magazines or cookbooks, and collects ingredient usage data to help food manufacturers and brand owners gain deeper insight into purchasing behaviour, and assists magazine publishers to make better editorial decisions and attract advertisers.


While the 'recipeezi' app is a lifesaver for busy professionals and families, Jodie says that the inherent value is in the data. "We know our consumers. We know they like chicken more than pork and that the most searched recipes are breakfast and dessert. We know how many times olive oil or avocado gets added to a shopping list, and that's just the start".


Jodie says that, "Huge amounts of advertising money are poured into very large digital platforms, without much insight returned because they don't give detailed information as to what people are buying, making and eating. 'Hello TABLE' can provide that unique insight!"

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