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Spring Crop


Marguerite Ton


HapiSoy is founded on the belief that people who are lactose intolerant or switching to plant-based diets, should not have to miss out on dairy-based foods. Instead, it is possible to enjoy yoghurt, ice cream, cheese and milk, if these foods are dairy-free, plant-based, and delicious to eat. So began the journey for Marguerite Ton to develop plant-based, creamy, dairy substitutes.


"The increasing rate of lactose intolerance across Australia and various parts of the world, coupled with rising awareness of health, ethical and environmental impacts, is resulting in a significant growth in demand for dairy alternatives," says Marguerite. "We find there are not many options, and that some existing dairy alternatives are high in saturated fats or have weird additives."


HapiSoy provides a creamy dairy alternative to use in beverages, desserts and baked goods, made from Australian grown, non-GM soybeans, and whole ingredients. It's a healthy alternative to existing dairy substitutes, and tastes delicious.

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