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Glovely (now Good Vibes)

Spring Crop


Maria Glover


Maria Glover, originally from Ireland, was inspired to create 'Glovely' - 'G' (now Good Vibes) for gut-loving goodness, 'lovely' for luscious, creamy, fresh gelato - when she came across an ice cream using kefir as its main ingredient in Ireland.


When kefir is combined with milk it ferments, resulting in a creamy product that tastes like fizzy yoghurt. It is loaded with probiotics, is a good source of protein, calcium, potassium and B vitamins. It is a treat, but the probiotic benefits of kefir far outweigh the fact that there is some sugar in it.


There's a growing body of research in the scientific community detailing the importance of gut health on our overall health. The key health benefits of kefir are its role in creating balance in the gut which leads to overall improvement in gut health, a healthier immune system, better moods and better weight regulation.


Maria's goal is to stock Good Vibes in specialty grocery and food stores, restaurants and cafes.

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