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Glencoe Farms

Spring Crop


Andre Henry & Jason Henry


We’re heading for a climate impacted future, with diminishing natural resources and will need to do more with less. Building materials account for 4% of global CO2 emissions. In the future, buildings will need to produce lower emissions during both their construction phase, in the form of the energy required to produce building materials, and during their useful life in the form of energy consumed in heating and cooling. There is a price premium being paid for buildings that meet lower emission and energy performance targets (BESS and Greenstar ratings). 


Globally, there are 170m tonnes of tomatoes produced annually. The waste from production is not usable as a soil enhancer or stock feed, so it is simply burnt. 


Brothers and engineers Andre and Jason Henry from Glencoe Farms, are developing a range of innovative new building materials using a renewal, cost effective, horticultural waste product, thereby preserving captured CO2, reducing emissions during the construction phase, and throughout the useful life of the building.

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