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Gippsland Pearls

Autumn Crop


Cheryl Jakobi & Sara Bailey


Top Chefs, high-end restaurants, and fine food stores in Australia are looking for fresh, locally produced premium ingredients; Researching the market for fine foods to supply this market, Gippsland Pearls Co-founders, Cheryl Jakobi and Sara Bailey, discovered that there are very few domestic producers of escargot, no domestic producers of escargot caviar, and most of the exotic mushrooms used in Australia are imported dried. Escargot caviar is a fine European delicacy not known to many in Australia. It has a subtle taste, pearl like texture, and retails overseas for upwards of USD $4,000 per kilo. 


Cheryl and Sara plan to utilise the substantial existing infrastructure on their Lakes Entrance property to establish an intensive indoor farm to grow exotic mushrooms and escargot caviar in a complementary growing environment. Lakes Entrance is the top tourist destination in East Gippsland. Establishing their indoor farming facility and farm gate store will not only provide many ways to engage with tourists, but will also provide much needed employment for their local community-providence driven, fine food, with a social benefit.

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