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Gippsland Natural

Autumn Crop


Paul Crock


Gippsland Natural is a producer owned beef company that takes an environmentally sustainable approach to producing the highest quality meat, best suited to their customer's needs.


Gippsland Natural has embraced a world class environmental management system, which changes their cropping and grazing strategies to inject more carbon into the soil than what the cows emit. "There is a very strong environmental foundation to what we do," explains Paul Crock, co-director of Gippsland Natural, and one of their 30 primary producers. "Beef is portrayed as a contributor to climate change, but we have developed carbon neutral beef production as a proof of concept, and in a grass-fed setting, we have moved beyond carbon neutral to become carbon negative."


The company prides itself on following their produce through to the end customer - from paddock to plate. Paul explains, "We utilise the science developed within the meat industry to ensure we match each cut of beef with our customer's needs, aiming to exceed eating quality expectations."

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