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Gippsland Jersey

Spring Crop


Sallie Jones & Steve Ronalds


Gippsland Jersey is an honour project for Sallie Jones’ late father and dairy farmer, Mike Bowen who tragically took his life after suffering from mental health issues. Around the same time, family friend and Jindivick dairy farmer Steve Ronalds had a motorbike accident and while he was recovering he took time out to think about how he could value add to his jersey milk. A few months later the milk crisis happened and the people of Gippsland started to ask what milk could they buy that was 100% Gippsland farmer owned. 


At a crossroad, but keen to honour their dairy farming backgrounds, Sallie and Steve worked on the twin challenges of how to dairy farm sustainably, as well as support those dairy farmers who were struggling. They established their own farmer-owned milk brand to help dairy producers get fair milk prices.   


"Our aim is simple: fair price for farmer. We believe in a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. And when you buy our locally produced, delicious, creamy Gippsland Jersey milk, that is what you are helping to provide."

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