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Spring Crop


Harry Sekhon

Feastively is the most convenient way to enjoy a healthy home-cooked meal on busy weeknights. We're an online fresh food delivery service for time-poor families that want more variety in their food without the food waste. Unlike others, we deliver fresh ready-to-cook meals with preprepared and pre-portioned ingredients. Imagine cooking a meal from scratch in just 15 minutes with only one pan to clean up. 

Feastively was founded by Harry Sekhon, who was looking for an easier home cooking alternative to takeaways on busy evenings. Being a foodie he wanted the convenience of takeaway without compromising taste and nutritional value of the food. With a background in FMCG supply chain management and product management, he set out to replicate the way restaurant chefs cook, but in the home environment. He found the answer in mise en place, a French term for having everything in place, ready for service.

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