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Bake It Box

Spring Crop


Emily Chen


Bake It Box is a monthly subscription service that curates a new and exciting baking kit every month. We provide all the pre-measured dry ingredients and decorations, plus easy to follow instructions. So, all you have to do is wait for the postie to deliver your kit, add some wet ingredients and have fun! Bake It Box is an experience. It’s about inspiring budding bakers to try something that they may be too afraid to try. 


It’s a mum or dad using a kit to create memories with their children. It’s also an amazing community of bakers that motivate and support each other. Emily, the founder of Bake It Box, loves to bake. She has a strong background in business development, and is an avid viewer of baking shows. Emily teaches from her own experiences and loves to inspire others to create something with their own two hands.

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