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Analytical Engines

Gippsland Cohort


David Coote

David grew up on a farm and with his wife owns a farm in Gippsland. He is the principal at Analytical Engines where he has developed renewable energy solutions for a range of clients. With tertiary qualifications in science, computing, accounting and forestry, his previous roles were in finance and software engineering.

Recent Gippsland projects include pre-feasibility studies for 100% Renewable Phillip Island, Loch Sport outage supply and Ramahyuck 5MW solar farm and smart grid concept design for the proposed Nunduk Green Retreat on Lake Wellington.

Other smart grid and energy efficiency work includes office blocks, apartment complexes, homes, council sites and other. Through the RocketSeeder accelerator he is developing a suite of cost-effective energy services and automated products for farmers including tariff selection and smart grid solutions for solar, battery, thermal and water storage and load management. These solutions use artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimisation to deliver energy savings for farmers using current and new equipment, soil moisture and other sensors as well as external data feeds including weather forecast.

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