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Spring Crop 18 Founder Stories

Probiotic superfood makes gelato healthier

Healthy and gelato are not generally two words you see in the same sentence. But 'Glovely', a new ice cream that uses kefir, a probiotic superfood, makes everyone’s favourite treat healthier. Like many of us, [...]

Turning recipes into deep consumer insights

When Jodie Blight worked in the finance industry, she had no idea that it was preparing her for the world of food and technology almost 20 years later. “It was 1999,” Jodie recollects. “I was [...]

Plant-based, creamy, dairy alternative

HapiSoy is founded on the belief that people who are lactose intolerant or new converts to plant-based diets, should not have to miss out on the dairy foods they once enjoyed. Instead, it is possible to [...]