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Spring Crop 17 Founder Stories

Edible, vertical, urban: Farmwall’s future of food

Farmwall is a startup that is producing edible, vertical, urban gardens that means restaurants can sustainably farm their fresh herbs and micro greens onsite. “Growing foods in close proximity to where they’ll be used reduces [...]

Turning farm waste into building materials

The Henry family are repurposing farm waste into innovative, renewable building materials. It is the latest project for Rowena and Tony and their sons Andre and Jason from Glencoe Farms, who have long embraced innovation [...]

Gippsland’s milk legacy helps farmers

Inspired by the mental health challenges facing dairy farmers, co-owners of Gippsland Jersey Sallie Jones and Steve Ronalds refocused their careers and established their own farmer-owned milk brand to help dairy producers get fair milk [...]

Helping us get more fibre… from sugar cane

Tamu Innovations is a functional food company dedicated to rethinking the value proposition of agricultural waste, specifically sugar cane. Their focus is on the optimal use of the whole food. “Our mantra is the use [...]

Superfood treats for our canine companions

As the saying goes, dogs are our best friends, and owners are increasingly aware of what they are feeding to their canine companions. Dog lover Arianne Sackville wants others like her to have more choices [...]

Making lamb bacon the new bacon

Toni Barton had been working in corporate marketing for 17 years when, in 2012, she decided to return to her roots and become a sheep farmer, starting her journey to producing ‘lamb bacon’. As a [...]

Delivering fun and tasty baking kits

Emily Chhen loved baking but working long hours in a corporate job left very little time for her to pursue her hobby. She was invited to a friend’s housewarming and thought it would be a [...]

Untapping beer-waste one cookie at a time

Untapped is one of Australia’s newest startups, tackling both food waste and healthy eating with one cookie. Co-founders Josephine Kaldor, Daniel Blakeley and Rafael Branton are repurposing highly nutritious spent grains, the major waste product [...]