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Our Programs

Rocket Seeder runs fully funded programs that provide end-to-end support for startups, from concept to capital raising, allowing innovators and founders to forge ahead without fear of failure.


Our programs attract individuals from small business, universities, farming, food and agtech, entrepreneurs, trades, technicians, researchers and beyond - anywhere the next brilliant innovation is brewing.

We work with partners to develop programs that:


1) Support startups and innovators solving specific problems in the sector e.g. with Sustainability Victoria to solve Food Waste and Loss problems in Victoria; and


2) Support startups and innovators in rural and regional Australia who are solving a myriad of problems e.g. with Federation University in Gippsland

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Previous Program

Nov '21 - Apr '22


Current Program



Future Programs



Are you a new and innovative startup in the food and agriculture sector? 

Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)

Are you 100% committed to grow your business and can attend at least 80% of the program dates?  

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