Paddock to plate sustainability

Gippsland Natural is a producer owned beef company that takes an environmentally sustainable approach to producing the highest quality meat, best suited to their customer’s needs. Paul Crock, co-director of Gippsland Natural, and one of their 30 primary producers, explains how the business model works. “There is a very strong environmental foundation to what we [...]

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A little luxury in the making

Escargot caviar is a delicacy not known to many. It has a pearl like texture and is far less common to the luxury egg market than its fish caviar relatives. Co-founders, Cheryl Jakobi and Sara Bailey, initially set off on a research trip to trial escargot flesh. While eating escargot was fine, when it [...]

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Tackling iodine deficiency one sprinkle at a time

Through research, Sarah Leung, Founder of alg Seaweed and experienced dietitian, identified a common iodine deficiency in Australians and expectant mothers. While on the hunt to find a food or ingredient that’s rich in iodine, Sarah came across Tasmanian Wakame seaweed. Seaweed is a nutrient powerhouse providing our bodies with many macro and micro [...]

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Handcrafted organic goodness

Matthew Hardie, Founder of Manuko, was working in a corporate business role at the age of twenty-two, where he quickly discovered he was lacking meaning in his work, and really struggled with what he wanted to do with his life. Matthew spent his childhood on an organic farm in the Goulburn Valley, surrounded by [...]

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Always fresh and never boring

In an attempt to address her own food intolerances, Shani Timms, Founder of Keep it Simple, began to create clean and healthy meals to fuel her body with nutritious food. Initially, Shani was looking at eating healthy and preparing convenient meals to resolve her gut health issues. Shani soon realised that her health issues [...]

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Nourishing the body from the inside out

The Good Seed Kefir produces a sparkling water kefir probiotic beverage, which is naturally fermented using organic ingredients and hand bottled by their small production team. Co-founders, Ivy Ong and Adrian Soon, founded the company out of their own need for the beverage. “It was mainly for our own health that we realised we [...]

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Connecting winemakers with winelovers

Co-founders, Steve Mobbs and Cameron Harris have identified a gap in the market with the opportunity to bring winelovers and winemakers together like never before. The pair have been involved in the liquor and beverage industries for a combined 45 years before deciding to build their wine ‘match-making’ platform. They first met at Schweppes [...]

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Tackling the problem of coffee ground waste one mushroom at a time

Life Cykel was created with the intention of connecting people back to growing their own food with simplicity. Ryan Creed and co-founder Julian Mitchell are repurposing the use of coffee ground waste to grow gourmet mushrooms, “essentially we are creating solutions for the planet using the circular economy as our compass”. Both Ryan and [...]

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