Liam Burns & Joel Cheun

Solving computer vision for indoor and field agriculture while delivering shippable intermediaries

Wallaby Water 

Founder: Dominic Goldsworthy

Wallaby aims to play a role in Australia's transformation to a circular economy by encouraging greater resource recovery and waste avoidance by using 100% and infinitely recyclable aluminium cans and bottles.

Josh’s Rainbow Eggs

Founder: Josh Murray

Josh's Rainbow Eggs produces truly free range eggs in the Macedon Ranges. At age nine with 40 hens Josh Murray started his own free range egg business. Ten years later Josh’s eggs are delivered direct from the farm to over 70 Coles and Woolworths stores across the region and in Melbourne. Hen welfare and environmental sustainability are at the heart of how we run our farm. Our hens are raised in small flocks in mobile solar powered sheds, rotated over large paddocks

Josh’s Rainbow Eggs

Founder: Josh Murray

We started Organic BioPower with a vision of making small scale biogas available for farmers to generate their own power and biofertilizer to reduce GHG emissions, cost, and provide additional revenue streams.

Josh’s Rainbow Eggs

Founder: Josh Murray

We manufacture a range of dry premix products specifically for the low-sugar and low-carb health market. Our products are designed to offer a delicious healthy alternative to anyone needing to change their eating style due to health related issues. Starting products include cupcakes and porridge with plans to expand the range to include muffins, biscuits and other varieties. All ingredients are sourced locally where possible. Initial sales channels will include online and farmers. markets with plans to scale up production to access larger retail, wholesale, healthcare food service and export markets.



Emma Coath

Managing Director

710 Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3008 Australia

ABN: 46 617 660 634

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