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AgTech Seeds Cohort 3


Joseph Yap & Shimroth Thomas

ZeroTag envision a world where eating food feeds the planet.  Their mission is to save food from landfill by avoiding packaging waste. This is done with an interactive, dishwasher-safe sticker that can transform any container into smart packaging.  ZeroTags are smart, playful labels for reusable packaging. When packaging is refilled, its identity needs to be updated. When this is done digitally, food can be tracked, enabling a seamless app that can help users buy smarter and avoid wasting food and money.

ZeroTag can monetise this by charging brands access to valuable consumer insights with a non-linear subscription model. The interaction between users, groceries, smart packaging, and the pantry app allow for unique digital experiences that strengthen brands’ relationships with users and their peers. ZeroTag can also charge retailers every time the identity of smart packaging is updated because of the operational cost savings and efficiencies in their business.

ZeroTag is currently running a pilot with partner retailers and Sustainability Victoria.

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