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Josh's Rainbow Eggs

Melbourne Crop


Josh & Tamsyn Murray


Josh’s Rainbow Eggs was established in 2009. Since then, the business has grown significantly and Josh along with it. Josh was nine-years-old when he and his mother, Tamsyn, saw a demand for quality free range eggs from chickens who led happy lives on their farm near Riddells Creek, Victoria.

The eggs and the business stood out from the crowd because of their quality, but Josh would meet and talk to customers, host tastings and bring the chickens - literally - for their curious customers to meet. Their customer connection proved invaluable and the business’s connection extends to charity work to ‘Feed a Family’ by providing families in need with fresh eggs, so far over 220 000 eggs have been donated.

Fast forward to the present. Josh is still meeting with customers, nurturing his career and pursuing his studies in Marketing. Alongside Josh, the business is also maturing and evolving and Josh’s Rainbow Eggs is currently developing new products to add to the Rainbow Eggs brand but also expand the business’s reach.

All we can say is watch this space.

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