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Legume based pasta.

After a busy day, many people often opt for a simple to prepare meal of pasta, only to feel bloated and tired afterwards, lapsing into a “carb induced coma”. What if you could have a tasty alternative that provides slow release, long lasting energy without the blood sugar crash? 


High in protein, fibre and complex carbohydrates, legumes make an ideal ingredient from which to make delicious vegan friendly, gluten free pasta with half the carbohydrates, double the protein and four times the fibre of regular wheat pasta. Unlike typical gluten free pastas, it doesn’t taste like cardboard. 


Sisters Ingrid and Sally Stead, with backgrounds in business, marketing, science, and agriculture, are actively developing and testing their legume pasta product range. 


So, if you want a better, tastier and healthier way to enjoy pasta, look for Wilderbean at your local grocer and health food store.



Emma Coath

Managing Director


710 Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3008 Australia

ABN: 46 617 660 634

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