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Sarah Leung



Alg Seaweed

Hand harvested Australian seaweed seasoning

Through research, Sarah Leung, Founder of Alg Seaweed and experienced dietitian, identified a common iodine deficiency in Australians and expectant mothers.


While on the hunt to find a food or ingredient that's rich in iodine, Sarah came across Tasmanian Wakame seaweed. Seaweed is a nutrient powerhouse providing our bodies with many macro and micro nutrients. Each serve of Alg provides fifty-five percent of the recommended daily intake of iodine.


It has been twelve months since the five original hand harvested, Australian Alg Seaweed products launched. Sarah has been selling her beautifully crafted seasonings at farmers markets and online through her website. Alg Seaweed can be added to salads, meat, eggs, avocado and fish, as well as incorporated into many traditional cuisines.



Emma Coath

Managing Director


710 Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3008 Australia

ABN: 46 617 660 634

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