Travelling 5 hours each Monday from her rural property on the border of Victoria and South Australia to participate in the Rocket Seeder Autumn Crop 18 accelerator program, Susie McLachlan is discovering a way to address learning and mood disorders.

“Some of the most beautiful, kind, creative and intelligent people I know are also people who have battled with conditions such as ADHD, anxiety and autism spectrum disorders,” explains Susie. “I really want to do something that can help!”

Susie has seen how the impact of profound changes to people’s diets has had a positive effect on these disorders, however she believes there is still more we can do.

“Research has shown that people with disorders of this kind are likely to benefit significantly from a specific range of micronutrients,” explains Susie. “I want to put these micronutrients into an appealing and easily consumed product, made from all natural Australian ingredients.”

Susie developed her first prototype during the Rocket Seeder program. “I will be starting small scale manufacturing soon, and aim to get the product to market shortly thereafter.”

The main challenge Susie has faced is actually believing that it is possible for one person with no scientific background to actually make this happen. Throughout the Rocket Seeder Autumn Crop 18 program, Susie has had access to a range of experts who have helped her turn her idea into a reality. “The support from the Rocket Seeder team, introductions to Monash University researchers, and the bond of fellowship with the other entrepreneurs going through the program has been incredibly encouraging and empowering.”

Now that Susie has her prototype, she is working on a beautiful brand that inspires people to ignite a conversation about these conditions. “Living with ADHD, anxiety or autism spectrum disorders should not limit an individual from living an incredible life. Often people who have these conditions possess talents the rest of us only dream about.” explains Susie.

Susie aims to gather as much knowledge from the research available in order to raise awareness and make a difference to those affected, and continue to work towards developing ways of alleviating the effect of learning and mood disorders.