At the Food Industry Asia’s Summit held in Singapore in April 2018, the impressive line-up of innovators changing the way food for the future is redefined included Tamu Innovations’ CTO, Dr Jonathan Middis, CEO of JUST, Josh Tetrick, the Chief Strategy Officer of Impossible Foods, Nick Halla, and VP of DSM Nutritional Products, Andre Rhoen.

The thought-provoking panel led the summit in a discussion to rethink what is possible to feed a growing world, in a much more sustainable and healthier way. We all know many nations today are facing health crises of epidemic proportions in terms of the rise of non-communicable diseases. The panelists discussed the role of food as a cause, but more critically, as a solution to the growing health crisis.

JUST and Impossible Foods are part of the new forces leading the way, in impressive fashion, to change consumers’ views on meat-free, plant-rich food choices. If you were there at the panel, you would walk away understanding why the world’s current habits of consuming large amounts of animal protein is not sustainable – the price we are paying for this culture is one we and the future generations can no longer afford to pay!

Dr Jonathan Middis shared passionately about how innovations in food reformulation using quality functional ingredients in more food and beverage products, can change the game significantly in terms of nutritive health – this deliberate approach can be used also as a weapon to feed the world’s hungry and malnourished. In his closing remarks, Dr Middis predicted that in decades to come, we will see the age of personalised nutrition becoming more of a reality. Smart health tomorrow requires deliberate steps today from all organisations and agencies pushing a healthier, more sustainable agenda.

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