Through research, Sarah Leung, Founder of alg Seaweed and experienced dietitian, identified a common iodine deficiency in Australians and expectant mothers.

While on the hunt to find a food or ingredient that’s rich in iodine, Sarah came across Tasmanian Wakame seaweed. Seaweed is a nutrient powerhouse providing our bodies with many macro and micro nutrients. Each serve of alg provides fifty-five percent of the recommended daily intake of iodine.

“So many people are iodine deficient so I thought it would be a great opportunity to educate people about this, in particular thyroid function and foetal brain development issues associated with a diet low in iodine,” says Sarah.

It has been twelve months since the five original hand harvested, Australian alg Seaweed products launched. Sarah has been selling her beautifully crafted sprinkles at farmers markets and through her online website. Alg Seaweed can be added to salads, meat, eggs, avocado and fish, as well as incorporated into many traditional cuisines.

“For me, it is a product everyone can use and should use, but obviously in the business world, you have to be really clear about who you are targeting,” explaines Sarah. During the Rocket Seeder Autumn Crop 18 program, Sarah aims to refine her target market as well as work towards developing a new seaweed product.

Finding mentors who can provide guidance is essential for Sarah at this stage in her business. She is making the most of the opportunity to network with others in the food industry during the program. The Rocket Seeder program has also helped her to discover new revenue streams.

Sarah has a number of long term goals, including new product development, dominating the edible seaweed market domestically, and exporting her product. But at the moment, Sarah is focused on her short term goal, which is providing enough iodine for her growing baby, due this August 2018.