The Good Seed Kefir produces a sparkling water kefir probiotic beverage, which is naturally fermented using organic ingredients and hand bottled by their small production team.

Co-founders, Ivy Ong and Adrian Soon, founded the company out of their own need for the beverage. “It was mainly for our own health that we realised we needed something to help with our gut issues”, explained Ivy.

After making the fermented drink themselves and consuming it on a daily basis, the couple noticed positive changes. Adrian’s gut health problems became manageable and Ivy saw a huge change in her psoriasis, a skin condition she was diagnosed with at the age of three.

“It was a big enough change for us to say, ‘Hey, maybe it is the drink!’” said Ivy.

Ivy and Adrian started testing the market through their family’s soup stall at farmers markets across Victoria. They shared the product with other vendors and friends, who saw immediate health benefits after consuming the product. A friend of Ivy and Adrian’s tried the beverage and saw their gastric reflux improve significantly, so they started purchasing the beverage. The Good Seed Kefir grew from there and is now stocked in retail outlets across Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Western Australia.

The main challenge Ivy and Adrian are trying to overcome, while participating in the Rocket Seeder Autumn Crop 18 program, is production. “At the moment, we are struggling with our capacity to make the product as demand is exceeding supply,” explained Ivy. “We have been able to sit down and go through the figures to work out if we are actually ready for growth or whether we are just really inefficient”.

The Rocket Seeder program has also taught the couple to prioritise. “We get a bit carried away with fermenting various things as it is now a passion of ours, but the Rocket Seeder program has really helped us focus on the one project,” said Ivy.

It will be exciting to see where The Good Seed Kefir will spout up next.