In an attempt to address her own food intolerances, Shani Timms, Founder of Keep it Simple, began to create clean and healthy meals to fuel her body with nutritious food.

Initially, Shani was looking at eating healthy and preparing convenient meals to resolve her gut health issues. Shani soon realised that her health issues extended to feeling overworked, stressed and feeling physically and mentally exhausted from the demands of her full-time job. Cleaning up her diet was the cornerstone of her health journey and was the springboard for her startup.

 “I was creating super clean meals that were gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, not using any nasty oils, and really focusing on whole foods” said Shani.

Her food intolerances and day-to-day struggles were what pushed her to get creative and make balanced meals that she and others could enjoy!

Then, after realising there wasn’t a meal service on the market that aligned with her food ethos, Shani saw an opportunity to share her recipes with others in the form of a healthy meal delivery service.

Keep It Simple is currently aimed at busy individuals who like being active, healthy, and who want to make some positive changes in their life. “Through my research I found that a lot of people who attend gyms are time poor. They work long hours and then workout at the gym. They would rather spend an hour in the gym than an hour in the kitchen. They don’t have much time to prepare healthy meals,” explained Shani.

“When I started the Rocket Seeder Autumn Crop 18 program, I was in the first week of meal production,” said Shani. 

The program has helped Shani identify key customer segments and validate her value propositions. It has also helped Shani analyse her costs and develop strategies to manage growth. Keep It Simple is a prime example of how the Rocket Seeder program can be valuable to startups who are in the very early stage of development.

Aside from identifying business challenges and helping to overcome them, Shani explained the Rocket Seeder program provides a great support network.

“It’s not like you can just sit down with your friends and family to have business conversations,” said Shani. “Through the program, you meet people who are part of the food industry, who have been through what you are going through. By having that support network it makes you feel like you can take a leap with your business and know that you will be supported”.