Life Cykel was created with the intention of connecting people back to growing their own food with simplicity.

Ryan Creed and co-founder Julian Mitchell are repurposing the use of coffee ground waste to grow gourmet mushrooms, “essentially we are creating solutions for the planet using the circular economy as our compass”.

Both Ryan and Julian worked as health professionals in the West Australian mines until their interest in health and a passion for nutrition provided their drive to entice people to grow their own food. “Mushrooms were the food we could grow from coffee waste, which also had significant health benefits for both humans and the environment” explains Ryan.

When coffee grounds become landfill, the anaerobic environment in which they are placed creates a greenhouse gas in the form of methane. This has 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide. 18 million cups of coffee are produced every year, creating 300 tons of anaerobic landfill. This has the potential to grow 75 tons of mushrooms!

The oyster mushrooms, which are grown in Life Cykel mushroom boxes, contain protein, iron, calcium, magnesium and a number of vitamins, as well as proving an extremely adequate meat substitute, appropriate for vegetarians and vegans. The Oyster Mushroom Box is one of many products Life Cykel produces, which provides these superfood health benefits.

Ryan is participating in the Rocket Seeder Autumn Crop 18 food and agriculture startup program, and aims to identify new sales channels, fast track Life Cykel’s financial success and most importantly build networks and partnerships within the food and foodtech industry.

In addition to growing mushrooms, the Life Cykel team are working on the National Mushroom Network, an initiative which aims to provide a solution to coffee waste by creating coffee waste mushroom farms in every Australian city. The National Mushroom Network’s 2020 vision is to see all major towns in Australia join the National Mushroom Network and have urban mushroom farms growing fresh gourmet oyster mushrooms from coffee waste, creating more jobs for everyday Australians. The National Mushroom Network packages offer ongoing revenue stream for individuals and families who care for the environment. We can’t wait to see what stems from the National Mushroom Network.